AI Readiness Check

Platform Product: Salesforce License

Before delving into AI implementation, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your org and licenses, ensuring everything is in order. Our team will perform an Org Health check and provide a detailed analysis to guide you through the process.

Classify Data for AI

Platform Product: Einstein Data Detect (Part of Shield)

Data security is paramount. Our experts will work with you to identify sensitive data that should not be exposed outside the organization. We will classify data based on confidentiality, restricted access, and mission-critical status. Our review will include an analysis of notes and comments to ensure classified data remains protected.

Ensure Privacy and Consent

Platform Product: Privacy Center

Compliance with privacy regulations is crucial. Our Privacy Center solution enables you to verify that AI processes are consented to for training and prompts. Additionally, we will help you create retention policies to manage data lifecycle for AI-generated and used data, such as call transcripts, chatbots, and AI-logged cases.

Control Access to AI Data

Platform Product: Security Center

Centralized access management is vital to AI data protection. With our Security Center, you can efficiently manage user permissions and org configurations related to data utilized and ingested in AI processes. We ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive AI data.

Safe AI Testing and Training

Platform Product: Sandbox and Data Mask

To safeguard your AI endeavors, we offer a secure Sandbox environment for planning, building, and testing existing AI tools and new Salesforce GPT implementations. Data masking ensures that sensitive information remains confidential during testing. Our team also provides comprehensive training for your staff on using prompts with Salesforce GPT.

Monitor AI Data Usage

Platform Products: Event Monitoring and Backup and Restore

Continuous monitoring is essential to protect AI data. Our Event Monitoring solution enables you to view and track data used in AI processes through Transaction Security Policies. We will set up alerts to notify you of any unauthorized actions or breaches, and we ensure data replication for business continuity in the unfortunate event of data loss. With our AI Data Protection and Management Package, you can confidently embrace the power of AI while ensuring the security and compliance of your valuable data. Let our experts guide you through every step of this transformative journey.