Our Applications


Quickbooks Synchronizer

Real time synchronization of all your business accounts and invoices to keep a regular track of day to day business transactions. The user can either sync its products immediately or can schedule it at anytime of anyday.



Route Optimizer

Take charge of the routes and conquer your day with Route Optimizer. Pick up the center point, enter start point, endpoints and the other points from your contacts that are to be covered in a day to get your customized route on the go. Our app is battle-tested and is relied on by thousands of our businesses every day. This app provides the best route that includes all your targeted locations.

This application with lots of advanced features can be downloaded from Dotsquares’s AppExchange. Route Optimizer is an application that ensures saving your time, making your visit hassle-free. Download Route Optimizer now for a distinct experience.



File Sharing

This app is used to share files from Salesforce Users to Community Users. Community user will only be able to view those files, which are shared with him from Salesforce User. Salesforce user can upload files (which need to be shared) and select the Community User (to which he/she want to share the files) from the picklist.

User will be able to view the history of files shared with the details of recipient and sender.



Salesforce Licence Tracker

The application can be used to see the number of active user licenses in a Salesforce account. The application would display the number of user licenses currently added and running active. It would also update the count as you add new user or deactivate any existing user. So when a user’s account is deactivated is Salesforce Environment, then Salesforce user license is released and made available for reassignment.

This application automatically delete an installed package member when user inactivates their account.



Sage Synchronizer

Sage Business Cloud is an accounting software used for businesses to instantly maintain and manage sales, expenses and to keep a track of daily business transactions. The Sage Business Cloud is an application that allow users to sync the data between Salesforce and Sage Business Cloud. Available on AppExchange, this application makes syncing easy for the businesses using it. The user can sync Salesforce to Sage Business Cloud and vice versa using a set process.

Geared up mainly towards small and medium-sized businesses, offering on-premises accounting applications and cloud-based versions that further accepts and manages business payments, pay bills and payroll functions.



Magento Connector

Salesforce CRM Connector is specially developed for synchronizing Magento2 (e-commerce) platform with a Salesforce (CRM platform). It provides real-time synchronization of Magento 2 store with Salesforce.

Admin can easily sync their products with their Salesforce account using this extension. They simply have to add the details of their Salesforce account on the extension, and then work on their Magento store as they usually do. That means they can add, edit, or bulk-delete the products from Magento store, without having to worry about the synchronization on their Salesforce CRM.

For smooth functioning of this extension, it’s important that your Magento store is secure and runs on HTTPS protocol. That is, you should have an SSL certificate installed on your website for this extension to work seamlessly.