Pledge for Impact!

No one can make an ideal world individually.

It requires collective actions and efforts. Salesforce initiated this journey and asked from entire Trailblazer community to work for making a “Better Future, Together”.

Under this, everyone has to take the “Pledge for Making an Impact” on society. Salesforce divided the impact areas into four mainstreams:

  • Equality.
  • Workforce Development.
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Philanthropy.

These are four important ways through which an individual or a company can give back to the community.

How the company is giving back to the community?:

There are many ways for making a change. The modern world requires an innovative and revolutionary approach. Thus, the company can use social media channels to drive change through social commitment posts.

Following are certain points that consider an important factor in #Pledgeforimpact:

  • Advocacy: 
    There are many ways to bring a change and one is advocacy. Companies can bring a change by doing social posts through webinars, blogs, creative graphics, etc.
  • Volunteerism: 
    Without doing any groundwork, no one could bring change. So, a team should go on the ground and motivate people to drive change in society.
  • Charitable giving: 
    No amount is ever too small. Hence, donating books, money, and food – everything brings a change in the pillars of impact.
  • What we have done to make an impact?:

    Working for community and social development defines the value and ethics of a company. Forcesquares team always looking for great ways to give back maximum to the community. The ideas are unique and in this streamlining, the business has done exceptionally well work.

  • Park Cleaning: 
    The team of “New Age Developers” approach all nearby parks and clean them. Team members collected huge garbage and do some effective ways to decompose them.
  • Plantation: 
    Every year Forcesquares organise plantation events as the company targeted to plant 100+ trees in the year 2022.
  • Blood Donation: 
    We all know the value of blood and many times, its availability become a serious concern. Hence, the company organise “Blood Donation Camp” provide it to the nearest blood bank so that its availability remains whenever required.
  • CPR Session: 
    Every team member needs to know some life-saving techniques. We have arranged a CPR session for our employees to let them know the emergency actions during a heart attack, drowning or any other critical situation.
  • Hunger Event: 
    Our team already worked on the “Pledge for Impact” and distributed food packets to 50+ people.
  • Charitable Giving: 
    Forcesquares initiated the change by spreading the importance of education. We have distributed books and clothes in slum areas. We found a zeal in those kids to learn and achieve their dreams.
  • How Forcesquares is bringing change?

    Forcesquares, a CREST partner of Salesforce, initiated many ways to drive the change. We have taken #PledgeforImpact to do everything that benefits the community environment. The company started their work for making change as they use the solar panel to produce electricity, plantation, distributed food and books and a lot more. The company has already spent more than 500 hours on social welfare and development. The amount of donation could not be counted in terms of value.

    Every mainstream is a part of Forcesquares work through collective actions, we can make an ideal world and a better future.