Beyond CRM: Exploring Salesforce’s Pricing Plans and Additional Offerings

Salesforce CRM is undoubtedly one of the most sort after CRMs, offering cutting-edge features for sales, marketing, and service, thereby keeping businesses ahead in a competitive landscape. However, since everything good comes with a certain complexity, so does Salesforce; its pricing is a bit complicated and difficult to know. Businesses usually tend to get confused about what they are paying for in terms of features and here, we have compiled a list of services you will receive based on the package selected:

Salesforce CRM Pricing

It goes without saying that Salesforce has a list of different products for which businesses are mostly required to request quotes from companies. However, here we are providing the fundamental pricing details for their sales CRM exclusively.

Table for CRM pricingcrm-pricing-table

Importantly, the pricing remains consistent regardless of your business's size; however, Salesforce promotes a dedicated small business plan for its main products: Sales, Service, and Pardot. The prices are officially stated by Salesforce as identical to those presented for larger enterprises. Their small business offering primarily serves as an overview customised for businesses with smaller teams and fewer required accounts.

Features of Salesforce CRM

When you choose to opt for Salesforce CRM for your growing business, you can get access to its more advanced features like workflow automation. While all kinds of businesses, big or small will be able to benefit from this, it’s more helpful for the larger teams where more automation is required.

Also, irrespective of the plan you choose, your team will get access to Salesforce mobile app that allows you to input data on any lead right from your phone. Moreover, you can conveniently retrieve necessary information when in a face-to-face interaction with the potential customer; this not only translates to significant time savings for your team but also aids in fostering stronger customer relationships.

If you need advanced tools for developers, like a sandbox or adding custom apps, talk to your development team about their requirements. Some of these tools come with the Professional plan, but most only become available when you upgrade to Enterprise.

And no matter which plan you pick, you can connect Salesforce with your Gmail or Outlook email. This saves a lot of time when you are emailing leads, whether you are starting a conversation or going back and forth.

Other Salesforce pricing plans

While Salesforce’s CRM is its most renowned product, there are additional Salesforce products, all of which are equally impressive. These products can be used individually or in combination with other Salesforce offerings, making it a more powerful solution for any business.

Here, we will share the prices for some of the commonly used add-ons to the sales CRM software. This could be helpful if you are interested in using a mix of products together.

Salesforce Service Pricing

Salesforce's service software simplifies case management and internal communication, ensuring that each case receives proper attention. Additionally, it includes a knowledge base that you can continually expand as your company develops. Keeping cases for existing customers within the same system they were in during the sales process significantly enhances the overall customer experience.

Salesforce Service pricing tableservice-pricing-table

Salesforce Marketing – Pardot pricing

As a business, if you are investing in the Salesforce CRM, you must also spend on Pardot, Salesforce’s marketing automation tool. With this software, your business can do automated marketing and get detailed insights that help with your customer journey. In other words, this is best suited for businesses looking that want to grow fast and have a big budget for marketing.

Pardot(Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)pardot-pricing-table

We hope that this was worth a read and gave you an insight while alleviating your confusion about the pricing of Salesforce’s offerings. Now that you also know that Salesforce is not just about its CRM but has other powerful tools too, you can use it for your business’s sales, marketing and service needs. It’s the smart solution you need for your business.

Note: This page is provided for information purposes only.