Explore the features and benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud


Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly Community Cloud, is a robust platform designed to create seamless digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees. It extends beyond the confines of traditional CRM, offering a versatile space where businesses can build interactive portals, forums, and communities tailored to their unique needs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful customization capabilities, Experience Cloud empowers organizations to foster collaboration, enhance communication, and build lasting relationships. In an era dominated by digital interactions, the importance of a compelling online presence cannot be overstated. Customers seek more than just products or services; they crave experiences that resonate with their preferences and aspirations. Salesforce Experience Cloud steps into this realm as a game-changer, providing businesses with the tools to craft immersive, personalized journeys for their audience.

Why Salesforce Experience Cloud Matters:
  • Personalized Customer Experiences:
    • Personalize, make recommendations, and track user behavior in Salesforce Experience Cloud using standard Marketing Cloud Personalization functionality, such as banner recommendations and global templates. A Salesforce Solution Kit lets you personalize, make recommendations, and track user behavior in Experience Cloud using standard Marketing Cloud Personalization functionality like banner recommendations and global templates. Track user behavior in Experience Cloud to enhance the user profile in Experience Cloud and other marketing channels. By personalizing content in the Experience Cloud platform, you drive a better customer experience. And with the insights you collect, you can understand your customers and inform their experiences across all your marketing channels.
  • Community Building and Collaboration:
    • A virtual setting that makes it easier for everyone to work together or streamlines the procedures involved in distant work. You can increase the work efficiency of your team, and access to documents, information, and data is also optimized. Teams can organize the sections through this site based on the goals, projects, or activities.
  • Integrating with the Salesforce Ecosystem:
    • From sales, service, and marketing, to supply chain and product development, business integration solutions from Salesforce connect them all. Connect data from anywhere opportunities, support cases, contacts, campaigns, or custom objects—easily present data in a branded, mobile, and social environment.
  • Security and Compliance:
    • The Salesforce Security and Compliance Site provides visibility into our compliance certifications and enables customers to self-service compliance document downloads Experience Builder sites use Content Security Policy (CSP) and Lightning Locker to secure your site from malicious attacks and custom code vulnerabilities. CSP is a W3C standard that controls the content source that can be loaded on your site’s pages and helps protect against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Customization and Flexibility:
    • Build highly customized pages using flexible layouts. Create and resize columns within each section, then add and stack sections to build out the page. Bring it all to life using background images and color. Experience Cloud templates let you build responsive sites for delivering rich, branded spaces for your customers and partners. And with Experience Builder, you can accomplish a lot without coding. For example, you can edit a template’s components to include information about your site, add images to extend your branding, and include CMS content. And if you want a more customized experience, you can create custom pages, add components to pages, build custom Lightning components, and expose more Salesforce objects.
  • Mobile Experience and Accessibility:
    • Salesforce's digital experience platform (DXP) is built on the Customer 360. Experience Cloud helps you deliver connected digital experiences — fast. Reinvent the customer experience, engage more customers, and accelerate growth across any industry with data-driven sites, portals, and mobile applications. Salesforce enables sales reps to be more effective on the road, with less time in the office and more time meeting with customers through the Salesforce Mobile Application.