Let’s explore Salesforce together!

The world’s well-known CRM platform offers growth and sustainability to your business. Salesforce is a revolution in mainstream tech with an ability to improve organization performance and better connect with the customer. It provides a platform for companies to make a strong partnership ecosystem for creating and distributing.

bespoke software applications. The massive appeal of Salesforce is its specialisation for different industries. The growth option is countless through it that not only protects a good relationship with the customer but also contributes to revenue maximisation concept.

Types of Clouds -

Salesforce updates the product, with a new feature three times a year. 58% of clients of Salesforce plan to integrate additional cloud. Salesforce is an interesting platform but how many of you are aware that initially it just provides CRM and sales automation platform..

Also, there is another interesting fact with Salesforce – a first-ever company to take CRM to the Cloud. The gates of opportunity had opened by the company that bring a storm in managing information.

Also, do you know that company stays updated with all modern trends with current technologies and keep eye on every driving trend! A big example is an NFT cloud which integrates Salesforce and Blockchain – The two most advanced tech of the era. Isn’t it a great thing? Let’s move ahead and put a closer understanding of the different clouds.

Sales Cloud:

You can now automate the sales process achieve customer coordination and across multiple channels. This cloud service will help in generating leads, increase sales and help sales managers representative to bring more value. Here are some exciting key features of the sales cloud.

  • Customer 360.
  • Lead Management tracking.
  • Sales Path
  • Account Data Contact Management.
  • Opportunity Product Management.

Marketing Cloud:

Marketing is a major and most vital element for a business. Get the support of many facets of marketing like multi-channel campaigns, dynamic customer journey, pre post-campaign analytics, social media engagement, advertising, and many more. Make the journey of your user personalized with the journey builder to bring touchpoints for the user. Some of the important tools are.

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement.
  • Marketing Cloud Personalisation.
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence
  • Marketing Cloud Advertising.
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Service Cloud: -

When it is all about customer service management, nothing is more feasible than the service cloud of salesforce. It helps companies to resolve cases bring personalized support services. Here are some of the tools you can use:

  • Einstein Reply.
  • Case Management.
  • Lightning Service Console
  • Service Cloud Voice.
  • Custom Report Dashboard.

Salesforce is more than what you think :

Salesforce is more than what you think! Salesforce is not just an ordinary customer relationship management platform but more than that. The revolution brings by it brings fruitful results to many companies. The Salesforce CRM Integration is possible with every aspect of the business. Every cloud is unique and makes your business stand out from others. All such reasons state why Salesforce is a leader in the CRM industry.