Pardot ESTO: Einstein Send Time Optimization

Einstein Send Time Optimization (ESTO), one of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's most popular services, is now accessible to Pardot users. ESTO evaluates your message open and click statistics using artificial intelligence, then chooses the optimum send timing for each prospect.

When you use ESTO to send a list email, your message will appear at the top of your prospect's inbox at the exact time they're most likely to interact with it — whether it's between their first and second cup of coffee, during the lunchtime , or between back-to-back afternoon meetings when they need a pick-me-up.


Simply choose a start time and a time window for your message to be sent. The duration might be anywhere from three hours to a week. When the specified start time arrives, Einstein will choose the optimal send time for each prospect and send it out at that moment.

Einstein will analyze buyer interaction data from throughout the account in Salesforce Pardot, as well as data from your CRM, to identify important account features and buyer behaviors that signal a business opportunity's feasibility. Each account will be categorize as an A, B, C, or D, with A accounts having the most purchasing power.

This is the pinnacle of personalization, and it doesn't get any tinier than this. It all starts with deciding on a send time and a duration for the message to be sent. The duration of time might range from three hours to one week. As the designated time approaches, Einstein chooses the optimum send time for each lead and ensures that it is sent.

You may monitor your open rate to check which leads are still in the queue and the send time for each lead over the course of the send's time frame, allowing you or anybody else assigne to remain in the loop at all times.

The new model includes additional information about a prospect's mailability status, Do Not Email and Opted Out settings, and bounce data, as well as more possibilities for changing mailability data using Pardot automations. As a result, you'll be able to quickly filter out undeliverable prospects from future mailings and more simply prioritize opt-in choices in your compliance procedures.

Email Builder Enhancements

  • Expand the list of default font options to help you build eye-catching messages.
  • Improve our error handling so you can easily identify which components on the canvas have issues that need to be address before saving.
  • Provide an in-app video tutorial to help acclimate new users.
  • Add packaging capabilities for email templates so you can easily gather all related assets and save them for future use.