Pricing and Availability of Salesforce’s GPT-Enhanced Features

Salesforce's GPT-Enhanced Features

Undoubtedly, this year is marked as the year of ‘GPT’, commencing with the introduction of Einstein GPT, following with the unveiling of 16 capabilities in the next few months. Just a few days back, GPT-related announcements focused on two core Salesforce ‘clouds’, namely Sales and Service.

In an endeavor to deliver market-leading innovations in the GenAI space, Salesforce has increased the pricing across all its products and for the right reasons. Here, we are giving you an overview of how Einstein GPT pricing is structured; and how much Sales and Service GPT will cost:

Sales GPT Pricing

For Salesforce Unlimited Edition customer, Sales Cloud Einstein comes included in their package but for others, Sales GPT will be included in Sales Cloud Einstein at the cost of $50/user/month.

This subscription includes a certain allocation of Einstein GPT credits (exact number to be confirmed). These credits are used for producing outcomes from user inputs. What constitutes a single credit remains unspecified at present.

Currently, the Sales GPT feature available is Sales Emails, while the Buyer Assistant (Sales Bots) is in the testing phase. Also, the Sales Assistant and Call Summaries functionalities are anticipated to be widely accessible around October 2023.

Service GPT Pricing

Similar to Sales GPT, Service GPT comes included in Service Cloud Einstein at $50/user/month. However, if you have already paid for the Salesforce Unlimited edition, you don’t have to pay for Service Cloud Einstein separately as it is already included. The rule for the credits also remains the same for both.

At the present moment, Service Replies and Work Summaries are the Service GPT capabilities generally available, with Knowledge Articles being in the testing phase. Search Answers and Mobile Work Briefings are set to be tested soon.

Note: Right now, only Unlimited Edition customers will have access to GPT-powered capabilities. Pricing details as mentioned above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change and taxes and other fees.


With this, you can say that Salesforce has revealed the pricing for accessing Einstein GPT, in terms of monthly user charge (which is free for Unlimited Edition customers) along with Enterprise Expansion packs. Backed by a strong roadmap, Salesforce's objective is to continue striving to offer its users cutting-edge technology while also maintaining competitive pricing.