Slack powers Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce, the world's largest CRM company, announced new Slack integrations across its products and industry solutions, as well as new Slack innovations that increase communication across organizational boundaries and empower teams to embrace asynchronous working.

Close deals faster with Slack-First Sales:

• Slack-First Sales enables sales teams to connect in real-time in order to close more transactions, quicker, and from any location.

• Sales staff can now view, amend, and share Salesforce information directly in Slack thanks to digital deal rooms, and new alert features that help teams keep on top of key account developments.

Accelerate case resolution with Slack-First Service:

• Service teams can use Slack-First Service to automatically identify and bring in the right experts to a case.

• Cross-functional teams may now cooperate on priority problems to handle customer situations more rapidly and effectively thanks to new swarming and expert finding capabilities.

Supercharge campaigns with Slack-First Marketing:

• Marketing teams and agency partners can communicate in a shared digital workplace with Slack-First Marketing.

• Marketers can now use Einstein Recommendations in Slack to speed up journey planning, while Pardot automation allows all departments to work on a single, shared view of the customer.

Grow revenue with Slack-First Commerce:

• Slack-First Commerce assists teams in better understanding their business, adapting to new trends, and connecting with customers and colleagues.

• Teams can now keep ahead of business trends and quickly handle order concerns thanks to new alert features.

Engage more customers with Slack-First Digital Experiences:

• Slack-First Digital Experiences assists businesses in quickly delivering tailored digital experiences.

• To streamline communication and immediately engage more consumers, new CMS interfaces inform internal and external teams when new content is released.

Build and deploy apps fast with Slack-First Platform:

• Admins and developers may quickly build applications with low-code tools that connect data from any corporate system using the Slack-First Platform.

• Teams can now design end-to-end processes that surface actions and approvals across workers, partners, and customers directly in Slack, thanks to new features.

Learn in the flow of work with Slack-First Trailhead:

• Slack-First Trailhead powers personalized learning directly in Slack.

• With the new Trailhead for Slack app, employees can work and learn in a single environment in Slack, and AI-powered recommendations help employees reach their development goals and organizations build workforce expertise for the future.

Harness the power of data with Slack-First Analytics:

• Slack-First Analytics provides teams with the information they need to make better, quicker choices directly where they work.

• Teams can now create AI-powered forecasts, and notifications keep them up to date on important data and trends, thanks to new Einstein capabilities.

Connect data from any system with Slack-First Integration with MuleSoft:

• MuleSoft's Slack-First Integration connects various business apps directly into Slack, removing the need to switch contexts between different software and systems.

• Users can now connect applications and data to Slack using clicks rather than code, and incorporate automatic notifications in their workflows.

Streamline collaboration with Slack-First Quip:

• Slack-First Quip allows sales teams to work together in one digital workspace around a single view of the customer.

Now sales teams can embed Quip documents directly into Slack, enabling easier collaboration and faster deal execution.