Why Salesforce ?

In the year 1999, it all begins when 3 men started working on Project out of boredom and their goal was pretty clear it was to create business software applications in a completely new way, to deliver software through a model known SAAS(Software as a Service). That very project is now called the “Salesforce CRM” the world's most used CRM software. Salesforce Innovation first approach has disrupted the complete Cloud Computing market.

We all now know that salesforce is popular but why is it so? Let’s dive into the reason what specifically makes Salesforce so special to the enterprises the salesforce incredible performance, blazing flash speed, faster development time, and vital components, makes it one of the preferred choices of worldwide developers.

Built what you want.

Salesforce offers a wide range of widgets that lets one to exam the performance of the enterprise from all the possible angles. Salesforce enables rapid customization for most business processes. The solution in the cloud with Salesforce, you can take your enterprise whenever you are unless it's not Mars.

Eliminated dependencies

With Salesforce it doesn’t matter which web browser your workforce uses or which employees work remotely you name it Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera Salesforce runs over the all. Not only that you can access it even over your smartphone now.

No software’s (Easy Start)

You need not install anything and their material required. Salesforce offers the only opportunity to manage your company in a couple of days. Cloud localization imparts real-time access to data and doubles down the company efficiency by shrinking response times.

Smooth to Manage

You can see the intelligible navigation bar placed over the top of the application window. All the visible tabs are divided into several categories-Home, Accounts, Contact, Potential Customers, Opportunities, Campaigns and Forecasts

The tabs are self-explanatory with tutorials resulting in reducing the cost of staff training.

Enterprise Automation

CRM Salesforce allows you to run more efficient businesses. Managers can closely monitor the “Sales Funnel” investigate it with close attention, and modify the sales strategy based upon the figures obtained.

Constructive Supervision

You can follow the actives of your staff until it’s not to personnel like shirts they have in their wardrobe. Activates such as Tasks, Past Calls, Sent Emails… things like these can easily be gathered and lets you see clear picture of your company progress and the situation for scheduled tasks within workforce.

Collaborate using Chatter

Chatter makes Social Media Functionality very easy to use, which aids the business find collaboration. The look and feel of popular Social networks make it very familiar and easy for users to understand.

The conclusion would be you(as in “enterprise”) need to move to Salesforce for your CRM needs if you want to ripe all of the amazing fruits that Salesforce has to offer otherwise you will miss out competitive advantage that Salesforce bestow upon you once your company starts using it.