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Artwork Network

The Client requires to develop an inventory management system for those who made, own, or deals with Artwork. It will be the subscription-based private inventory management system for all valuables (think, jewellery, electronics and more) for estate and insurance purposes plus a marketplace for art, creation or dealing with.

Beginning Requirements

The objective of this project was to integrate data into Salesforce and create an e-commerce front-end site using Visual Force Pages (Customer Community License). Artists can register for an account on the e-commerce website and upload their work there. They would be required to buy a subscription plan. Additionally, users can sign up or log in and buy artwork published by other artists. Additionally, it is integrated with the payment gateway "Pay Simple."


  • Artwork NetworkWe have created custom objects for subscription plans and to store the Artwork related information like Artist Information, Artwork Images, etc., and visual force pages to display the Artwork and Artist data on the front end.
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Rohit at Dot Squares is doing a great job. I would recommend their company.


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