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Customer Relationship Management


The client has an idea to build a CRM for their enterprise. They have a large-scale business and a huge amount of data to manage. It was tough to generate daily quotes and invoices manually on excel sheets

The client aims to develop a CRM of their own. There was a need to manage customers, companies, opportunities, contacts, invoices, reports, and various other enterprise roles. The highlighted features of the CRM cover the area: of sales force automation, digital marketing, service management, and organizational benefits.


  • Customer Relationship ManagementThe objective of the project was to implement Einstein ChatBot for service cloud that makes agent life easier by allowing self service for customer over website and allow agent to focus on complex problem by providing them insights from data.
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Project Result

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.

Guided selling helped to increase the Sales by


Improved Customer Service by


Increased Productivity of the team by


Increased Customer Retention by


Amazing and very helpful service. Highly recommended !! Thank you Dotsquares.


Youyang Xu

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