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Einstein Bot - AI Powered Chatbot


The project's goal was to integrate Einstein Chatbot for Service Cloud, which simplifies the job of agents by enabling customer self-service through websites and allows agents to concentrate on complex issues by giving them data-driven insights.

Beginning Requirements

The requirement is that automated responses and answers from natural language understanding (NLU) save people time and money. Bots can answer the same straightforward questions over and over again, leaving customer service reps more time to help customers with more complex questions or problems.


  • Einstein Bot - AI Powered ChatbotWe enabled the Einstein ChatBot into the service cloud.
  • Create the Chatbot using a template and edit the details as per business requirements.
  • Define the conversation for Greeting the customer and defining Entity and variables.
  • Defined Rules for Bot conversion navigation.
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Project Result

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.

User-Friendly Experience Increased by


Increased customer retention by


Automation by


Increased Customer Engagement by


DotSquares has provided us successful solutions to our needed Saleforce changes. They are always a pleasure to work with and continue to provide excellent service


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