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Maximcc Commercial Capital, LLC is a nationwide funding source for Equipment and Real Estate secured commercial transactions. Whether it's a time-sensitive business opportunity that requires rapid approval and funding or a challenged credit that prohibits traditional bank financing, Maximcc Commercial Capital designs Creative and Flexible asset-backed financing solutions that meet your client's unique situations.

Beginning Requirements

The company didn't have a proper reporting tool to manage their reports related to their data, they needed a system as a salesforce whereby they can have some advanced analytics to view the data. Also, they required a reduction in manual interventions for generating the output by incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities. Furthermore, they wanted to capture the data from external sources under one roof on a single system so that they could properly visualize the data and further generate the reports using Salesforce.


  • Get initial form auto-filled
  • We have created a chrome extension popup. We created REST APIs to check and receive the incoming call information from the Client API and check incoming phone number to the Existing contacts in Salesforce. If any existing contacts match with phone number then relevant contact details populates in the popup. If they are existing then they can refer those details to look the entries in Salesforce.
  • Popup which we have created has some features like save detail, call accept/reject or hang. We have also implemented a note functionality in popup so if person who is taking call want to enter some notes for that then it can be done easily through notes sections
  • We System user can enter the comments in notes which will directly be saved in Salesforce.
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Project Result

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.

Improved Sales Productivity by


Visualization of the data increased by


Increase in customer satisfaction by


Manual efforts were reduced by


Amazing and very helpful service. Highly recommended !! Thank you Dotsquares.


Youyang Xu

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