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The client requested a feature that will take care of the billing needs. He desired a feature that would sync with Salesforce. We suggested the QuickBooks connector to fulfil their requirements because it will provide bi-directional syncing from Salesforce to QuickBooks and QuickBooks to Salesforce. The client also requested a notification system for when the hours or invoicing reach a predetermined threshold.

Challenges Faced

Real Time Data Access Data is essential for corporate growth. In today's competitive market, real-time data access and tracking assists firms in making growth decisions. The most difficult QuickBooks difficulty is gaining real-time data access. As a company grows, it must sync data across diverse systems in multiple locations. It frequently results in activities being delayed and data updates being incorrectly updated. It will have a negative influence on business operations.

Reports Take Too Long to RunAs your business scales up, data processes need to increase simultaneously. With QuickBooks, it takes too long to run reports. Thus it impacts the business operations at various locations.


  • QuickBooks Payments enabled client to send invoices and collect payments instantly from within QuickBooks. For cleaner records in less time, invoices and books updated automatically.
  • Without utilising any mailing systems, this automatically delivered client invoices in PDF format from QuickBooks through the SMTP mail server. The credit notes are sent to the consumer every month by the utility
  • Almost every multi-currency file format, including IIF, CSV, XML, XLS, and other custom file formats, may be read with this programme. It used a proper exchange rate to convert them to QuickBooks. Because the default IIF import does not support the multicurrency format, we have provided this alternative to our customers to make the procedure easier.
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Project Result

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.

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DotSquares has provided us successful solutions to our needed Saleforce changes. They are always a pleasure to work with and continue to provide excellent service


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