File Sharing To The
Community User

This app is used to share files from Salesforce Users to Community Users. Community user will only be able to view those files, which are shared with him from Salesforce User.


Latest Updates

Now you can share file from one org to another.

File Sharing Benefits

File Sharing helps users to easily access and store files with minimum storage space. Ease of file transmission, maximum storage capacity etc. are many benefits offered by File Sharing application.



File sharing facilitates all the sources to access the information of some common interest instantly at the same time, without sharing the same information individually to each source.


Time saving

The File Sharing also minimizes the time consumed for retrieving desired information instantly on time, rather than searching it manually.


Minimum space for storage

Adopting the File Sharing technique is helpful in minimizing the file storage space required by an organization for storing a plethora of files.

Why File Sharing?

File Sharing allows Salesforce users to transfer the necessary file and data to their community users with an option to share that particular file with selected users or the entire existing users. Both users can easily access, edit and share file among themselves for a smooth working. This entails the transmission of data through website applications, Bluetooth connectivity and indeed many more things altogether.


The user has to Login to his Salesforce account.

Click on ‘File Sharing‘ to share the file you want.


Click on the ‘Attachment Sharing’ button.

Browse and add attachment you have to share.


Choose your target.

Whom you want to send a particular file. Choose from all community users and selected users to proceed with file sharing.


Click on ‘Submit’ button and here you go!

Your file has been shared.