Optimizing Financial Success with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Discover the future of financial services with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Elevate client relationships, streamline operations, and supercharge your sales strategy. Harness the power of a unified platform tailored for financial professionals. Transform the way you engage clients, manage wealth, and drive growth. Explore Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and redefine success in the ever-evolving landscape of finance

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Financial Services Cloud

Elevate Your Business Finance Services with Forcesquares

Financial Services Cloud is built on a #1 CRM platform, reimagined for personalised financial services. At Forcequares, our Salesforce experts specialise in helping financial service clients manage their operations smarter and faster than ever, better understand their customers and build strong relationships with them.

Discover The Impact of Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud

Financial service providers need to understand their customer’s needs, preferences, and behaviours to deliver optimized customer experiences. Whether it’s retail banking or wealth management, an accurate and current 360° view of the customer is crucial for financial clients to succeed. Financial Services Cloud has everything you need to make your financial service institution a success.

Helping Clients Across Several Industries

  • Banking
    We aim to provide support to Banks, Unions and Lending institutions so they can become more customer-focused. Our Accelerators and custom solutions can help these institutions quickly boost their digital presence.
  • Insurance
    We help insurance clients optimise their most important customer journeys digitally and support regulatory compliance. Our custom solutions will help them speed up onboarding, claims processing, policy renewal journeys and customer support.
  • Fintech
    We help fintech with various processes including lending, payments, money transfers, asset management and integrations with other platforms, optimise processes, consolidate data and streamline client engagements.
  • Wealth & Asset Management
    We design innovative and custom solutions for wealth, asset and fund management clients. Essentially, we provide a holistic view of customers, offering real-time info on financial records, accounts, households, goals and more.

Key Benefits of Financial Services Cloud

Helps to Develop a Customer-Centric Business Model

Identify customers’ specific requirements to offer them the financial solution when they need it significantly.

360° Customer View

Get a complete picture of your customers. Access and view data such as client’s financial records, accounts, household details, several networks, goals and other conversations.

Reduce Operational Risks

Reduce the possibility of cybercrime, miscommunication, errors and lack of compliance which can result in various debilitating risks within a financial services firm.

Replace Multiple Systems

Switch to an API-enabled solution which is built to scale and support growth. You can even push your most critical and valuable data where it is required most.

Customer Engagement Becomes Easier and Smooth

Financial services can transform their business procedures as everything from providing the right financial products to responding to customers’ queries and customer onboarding becomes easier and more efficient in most cases, in real-time.


The world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is reimagined for financial services. Built to drive stronger client relationships that last for years to come. It helps advisors deliver a concierge level of service with personalized, proactive advice clients expect. With its multitude of productivity and engagement features, advisors can collect clients’ information faster and focus more on what they do best.

Significantly, Financial Services Cloud is built for a wealth management firm, an insurance company, or a bank and other financial service firms. These organizations can take advantage of this Salesforce platform in providing personalized advice at scale across any channel or device. This integrated platform can be tailored to any financial services organization’s high-touch relationship model.

With Financial Services Cloud, transform your client base into an engaged referral network by monitoring referrals from Centers of Influence or within your own organization. Its related lists feature highlights the individuals crucial for developing new business opportunities. The outcome? You'll possess insights beyond just their investment strategy, with access to networking tools essential for expanding your client base.

Leveraging the world's top CRM solution, Financial Services Cloud offers core Sales Cloud features along with specialized custom fields and objects designed for modelling financial aspects like accounts, assets, liabilities, and goals for individual clients and entire households. Advisors can now streamline their workflow without investing time and resources in customizing their CRM to align with their firm's requirements.

Highly secure, Financial Services Cloud is fortified with Salesforce Shield capabilities, providing an additional layer of security. These tools monitor data access and usage, and prevents malicious activities. With premier security features like Event Monitoring, Field Audit Trail, and Platform Encryption, you can guarantee the confidentiality and security of your client's financial account information.