FSL + Crew Management Quick Start Package

FSL + Crew Management Quick Start Package



Completion Timeline:
Approximately 2 Weeks

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Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

  • We’ll discuss your finalized goals for Salesforce, including a customization plan for your process.

Service Region and Workforce setup

  • Allow us to configure your service regions, territories, and locations for seamless tracking of service work by geography. We'll also model your work areas, encompassing warehouses or work sites if required

Workforce and Time tracking

  • We will create service resources and crews tailored to your workforce's skills and experience, ensuring seamless assignment of service appointments. Additionally, we'll set up operating hours and implement time tracking to accurately report on the time spent on assigned tasks.

Crew Management

  • Our solution grants FS Admins and Dispatchers exclusive access to user-friendly crew management tools. With these tools at their fingertips, they can effortlessly create service crews and efficiently update crew membership.


  • We will perform a one hour training session.