Application Benefits

Unlock the potential of seamless and efficient payment processing with GO TO PAY. Our application is designed to elevate your transaction experience within your Salesforce organization, offering a range of benefits tailored to meet your unique needs.

Payment Directly from the Org through Stripe
Payment Gateway

Experience the convenience of in-org payments using the trusted and secure Stripe payment gateway. GO TO PAY ensures a direct, hassle-free transaction process without compromising on security, all within the familiar Salesforce environment.

Payment through Different Objects with
Minimal Customization

GO TO PAY brings flexibility to your payment processes by enabling transactions through various objects with minimal customization. Enjoy a tailored payment experience that aligns effortlessly with your organization's specific requirements.

Custom Mapping for Any Object, Including
Custom Objects

Adapt and optimize your payment workflows with ease. GO TO PAY empowers you to create custom mappings for any object within your Salesforce organization, including custom objects. Tailor your payment structure to fit seamlessly into your organizational framework.

Why Choose GO TO PAY

Seamlessly integrate payment processes within your Salesforce organization for a unified and efficient workflow.

Customize your payment processes with minimal effort, allowing you to adapt to your organization's unique needs.

Create custom mappings effortlessly, ensuring your payment workflows align perfectly with your organizational structure.

GO TO PAY offers a range of payment options, providing donors with the flexibility they need for a convenient and user-friendly payment experience.