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Marketing Cloud

A unified marketing platform that helps businesses to know their consumers, engage them with personalized experience across everything.

Marketing Cloud:

Forcesquares+Salesforce together provides a powerful marketing solution in the social landscape using which businesses can easily create and maintain a strong presence on the social media. This platform allows businesses to keep a track of their brand’s visibility, publish and deliver engaging market content and advertising campaigns. This is the platform dedicated to the creation and management of customer journeys.

Why choose us?
  • Planning, personalization and optimization of the customer journey.
  • Helps in gaining more information about the clients.
  • Helps in mapping the customer journeys across varied channels, devices and customer life-cycle stages.
  • Help your customers generate positive experiences by moving them forward in their journeys.
  • Marketing Cloud enables businesses to analyze and assess the impact of every customer interaction, determining the strengths and flaws in your processes.

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