Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Quick Start Package

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Quick Start Package



Completion Timeline:
Approximately 2 Weeks

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Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

  • We’ll discuss your objectives for Experience Cloud, including a customization plan for your sales process.

Salesforce® Integration & Domain Setup

  • We'll handle the installation and activation of the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement connector, ensuring seamless integration and also the setup of Vanity domain, SPF and domain key.

Salesforce Sync and Field configurations

  • We’ll handle the seamless synchronization of your business data with Salesforce, and we'll also take care of setting up comprehensive field configurations, including the Pardot (now MCAE) components on both Lead and Contact page layouts.

Marketing Asset and Integration Setup

  • Our team will create one email template, set up a landing page, and implement one form or form handler for smooth marketing asset integration.

Engagement Studio Setup

  • The setup will include configuring Engagement Studio,a lead generation tool of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and establishing two drip campaigns.

Salesforce Engage Setup

  • We will also set up Salesforce Engage for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, providing valuable marketing automation capabilities for your sales team.

Security Setup

  • Trust Us to Set Up Your Role Hierarchy andProfiles, Ensuring accurate Data Sharing within the Portal.

Folder Hierarchy and B2B Marketing Analytics Setup

  • We’ll setup Folder Hierarchy(scoring categories),B2B Marketing Analytics Setup and best practices guidance for Plus Account holders.

Other Setup and Data Migration

  • We’ll enable website tracking, setup of engagement history dashboards, Connected users setup with SSO and Data migration from your existing systems to Salesforce.