Non Profit Pro

At Non-Profit Pro, we believe in simplifying the donation process to empower non-profit organizations and their supporters

Non-Profit Pro Benefits

Non-Profit Pro is a Salesforce-native application designed to facilitate seamless and secure donations. Our innovative approach aims to enhance the efficiency of non-profit organizations by providing a user-friendly platform for donors and sales representatives.

Donor Details

Easily manage and access comprehensive donor information, including contact details, history, and preferences. Non-Profit Pro ensures that you have a complete understanding of your supporters.

Donor History

Gain insights into donor interactions and contributions over time. Track and analyze donor history to strengthen relationships and tailor your outreach effectively.

Ease Payment Options with Stripe

Experience hassle-free payment processing with the integration of Stripe. Non-Profit Pro offers a secure and convenient way for donors to make contributions, fostering trust and reliability.

Opportunity Management (Donation)

Effortlessly manage donation opportunities within the application. Whether it's a one-time contribution or a recurring pledge, Non-Profit Pro provides a structured system for efficient opportunity management.

Reports and Dashboards

Leverage powerful reporting and dashboard features to visualize and understand your organization's performance. Non-Profit Pro empowers you with data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

Why Non-Profit Pro

Non-Profit Pro simplifies donor interactions, offering a user-friendly platform with comprehensive profiles for efficient relationship-building.

Make informed decisions with Non-Profit Pro's robust reporting and dashboard features, gaining insights into donor interactions and organizational performance.

Ensure trust and reliability in donations with Non-Profit Pro's seamless integration of Stripe, providing a secure and convenient payment experience for donors.

Manage donation opportunities effortlessly within Non-Profit Pro, offering a structured system for tracking and organizing one-time or recurring contributions.

Non-Profit Pro integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing non-profits to receive payments from anywhere, centralizing data, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.