Our Team


Senior Account Executive

Udit Sharma

Salesforce Tech Lead


Solution Engineer

Mohit Sharma

Salesforce Project Manager

Kuldeep Sharma

Marketing Cloud Consultant

Udit Panwar

Partner Alliance Manager

Sandeep Barala

Salesforce Technical Architect

Sunil Yogi

Application Architect
Our Team of Experts

We are a dynamic and growing team of Salesforce experts and thought leaders, proud of our vibrant personalities. With a versatile skill set, we don multiple hats to wholeheartedly assist companies like yours in achieving remarkable growth.

Our Core Values

At Forcesquares, our core values serve as guiding principles that underpin everything we do. They form the foundation of our company, influencing every decision we make and shaping every client interaction.


We build relationships through unwavering trust and reliability.

Customer Success

Our success is driven by the success of our customers.


We continuously push boundaries and pioneer new solutions.


We are committed to creating a better future through sustainable practices.