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Some key benefits of using sales cloud

Sales cloud helps close more deals because of its availability of all the accounts as well as product information

It helps you to close deals faster as it has visual design of the workflows for business process approvals.

It helps you get more deals due to its continuous optimization of campaigns according to market response and closure interaction with channel partners.

Accurate forecasting of sales and detailed picture of business scenario will help in taking quicker decisions.

Our Sales Cloud Services

Forcesquares have expert consultants having in depth knowledge and vast experience in CRM, Cloud computing and Salesforce solutions. Our goal is to deliver optimum outcome for the growing businesses. Our team of developers and consultants will setup the entire sales cloud and customize it to deliver improved sales results and increase in revenue numbers. We create highly effective email templates, workflow and approval, reports and dashboards which are customized according to your business needs.


Sales Cloud Consultation

Our highly experienced team will partner with your team to understand every bit of your requirement or problem statement. We have certified consultants that can help you in developing the entire layout for the CRM. After proper analysis, we will help you in finding the scope for automation in the sales cloud.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Our team is not just thinkers, we’re also doers. Every business has unique challenges that must be addressed with custom solutions. Partnering with Forcesquares means getting creative, innovative Salesforce solutions to your business challenges. Our Sales Cloud experts can effectively partner with your core team and bring profit to your business. We help in providing customized Salesforce solutions that meet your exact requirements.


Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

Our Salesforce experts are having expertise in integrating the latest Salesforce technology with the existing platforms. If you are using any third party services in your business or planning as business growth, our team will coordinate with your tech team or your third party team for better and smooth integration.


Customization in Sales Cloud

Forcesquares will help you avail innovative salesforce solution to meet your specific business needs and overcome the challenges that need to be addressed with customized solutions.


Sales Cloud Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the Sales Cloud that helps the sales representatives as well as the sales manager in increasing their job efficiency.

For Sales Managers

It has sales path that will allow sales managers to define the sales process and manage it easily. It will show the expected actions from sales representatives at each stage, which will help sales manager to get the expected behaviour from their representatives.

Opportunity Records

The sales cloud offers a lead conversion process which can be modified to simpler form to meet the unique needs of your business. This process is equally beneficial for B2B business as well as B2C business. It will help in setup of the process that helps in converting leads into opportunities. It will also help in workflow automation and validating the criteria to ensure a smooth as well as continuous lead conversion process.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards are among the significant features of the Sales cloud. Sales managers can keep track of the important sales figures along with monitoring of the performance of the sales representatives. It highlights the strong and weak point of the sales representatives which influence their productivity thus helping the sales managers in enhancement of their performance. The advanced sales forecasting helps in easier implementation of better sales strategy and make smart sales decisions for quality outcomes

Products and Price Books

The feature of products and price books helps in the creation of rules related to the pricing options of products and services. Working with multiple currencies becomes easier with the sales cloud. Changes to the prices without affecting the initial prices that were sent earlier for proposals is possible in Sales cloud. Certain discounts can be given by sales manager to the customer groups on various bases like geography, industry, and more. This in turn will help in elimination of the need for manual efforts during the price changes.

Process Builder

Sales manager are empowered by process builder and it provides them with additional opportunities ensuring automated workflows.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales cloud Einstein has AI-powered analytical capabilities which help in better analysis of the information on history, management of opportunities and the business trends which in turn enables accurate sales predictions.

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