Sales Cloud Quick Start Package

Sales Cloud Quick Start Package



Completion Timeline:
Approximately 1 Week

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Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

  • During our meeting, we will go through the project plan for implementation, introduce you to our team of experts, and request access to your Salesforce org.

Lead Personalization

  • Our focus will be on personalizing leads in Salesforce to ensure efficient recording and qualification of prospects.

Account Configuration

  • We will configure accounts to document all relevant information related to businesses, households, organizations, or agencies involved in the sales process.

Contact Customization

  • Customizing contacts will enable us to manage personal and pertinent details crucial for successful sales interactions.

Opportunity Configuration

  • The setup will involve configuring opportunities, making it easier to track your sales and potential pipeline, win rates, competitors, and sales stages for improved reporting.

Salesforce Training

  • To ensure you are well-equipped, we will conduct a custom, one-hour webinar data import training session, specifically covering lead, account, and contact imports in Salesforce.