Salesforce Maps Quick Start Package

Salesforce Maps Quick Start Package



Completion Timeline:
Approximately 1 Week

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Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

  • At the beginning of the project, we will hold a meeting to discuss your goals for Salesforce Maps and understand your preferred configuration options.

Maps Configuration

  • To suit your needs, we will create five layers, each with up to three preset criteria
  • Additionally, we'll configure hover fields with related lists from field data, and set up transportation mode, routing optimization, and scheduling options.

Maps Optimization

  • For optimal efficiency, we will configure up to three routes with a maximum of 70 stops per route.
  • Additionally, we'll create company and personal folders for route storage and sharing.
  • To customize your experience further, we'll configure units of measurement, default radius, markers, and shape settings.

Maps Training

  • To ensure you are well-equipped to utilize Salesforce Maps, we will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of Maps customizations and cover common user tasks.