Salesforce Migration Services

Effortless Data Migration for a Powerful Business Transition

Reasons Your Business Needs Salesforce Data Migration

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

    Salesforce data migration streamlines processes and reduces operational costs, ensuring a more efficient use of resources.

  • Enhanced Collaboration:

    The migration promotes better collaboration by centralizing data, allowing teams to work cohesively with up-to-date information.

  • Improved Insights:

    Salesforce data migration enables better insights by consolidating information, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Low Complexity:

    With a well-executed data migration, businesses experience lower complexity in managing and accessing their data, fostering a smoother workflow.

Our Salesforce Migration Services

Migration from Classic to Lightning

Transition seamlessly from Classic to Lightning with the guidance of our Lightning champions. Our team will assist you in simplifying and smoothing out this transition by developing an action plan and creating a roadmap that prioritizes 'must-have' to 'nice-to-have' features.

Migration from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce

Let our seasoned CRM consultants lead your migration initiative, crafting a unique path for more automated, integrated, and scalable business operations. Moving from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce can be a complex and daunting undertaking. However, we assure project success through meticulous data preparation for migration, steering clear of common migration pitfalls, and ensuring a seamless transition.

Migration from Zoho CRM to Salesforce

Our team of CRM migration consultants will guide you through the entire transition process, encompassing CRM system comparison, data analysis, security assessments, essential configurations and customizations, and the selection of migration scripting and tools. Furthermore, we are committed to addressing and resolving any potential migration challenges, particularly those related to data security and loss, ensuring a seamless transition from Zoho to Salesforce.

Migrating Data to a New Salesforce Org

Achieve a smooth transition by migrating all your data from Salesforce Classic org or any external org to the new Salesforce Org. Our Salesforce Data Migration Services guarantee the preservation of the specific order of imported objects, ensuring the continuity of record relationships.

Migration from HubSpot to Salesforce

While HubSpot CRM is an excellent choice for beginners, its built-in functionalities may fall short as your business expands. We offer assistance in migrating data from HubSpot to Salesforce Sales Cloud using third-party tools for automated data transfer or custom scripts and tools for complex projects. Beyond migration, we can integrate both systems to ensure seamless sales and marketing processes without interruptions.

How We Facilitate Your Migration

At Dotsquares Salesforce Services, we specialize in delivering expert Salesforce migration services, aiming to streamline your business processes and achieve your objectives. Our team comprises certified Salesforce professionals with extensive experience in Salesforce and data migration services, providing comprehensive assistance from planning to execution.

Salesforce Migration Services

Whether transitioning from an older Salesforce version or migrating from an alternative CRM system, we ensure a smooth shift with minimal downtime. Our services are tailored to streamline the process, offering:

  • Salesforce migration planning: We assist in planning your Salesforce migration comprehensively, documenting every detail and keeping all stakeholders informed.
  • Salesforce data migration: Our team ensures a seamless transfer of all your data from the previous system to Salesforce, preventing any loss during the migration.
  • Salesforce customization: Tailoring Salesforce to match your unique business requirements, optimizing your investment.
  • Salesforce training: Comprehensive training programs to ensure your team is ready to utilize the new system effectively.

Salesforce Database Migration Services

For a comprehensive migration of your entire database to Salesforce, our services cover

  • Database mapping:

    Organizing and mapping your database from the old system to Salesforce to maintain a systematic structure.
  • Database cleansing:

    Cleaning up your database pre-migration to ensure only relevant data is transferred.
  • Database validation:

    Post-migration validation to confirm a thorough and error-free migration process.

Partner with us for a hassle-free and successful migration experience

FAQ - Salesforce Data Migration

Data migration in Salesforce refers to the process of moving data from one system (either another Salesforce org or an external source) to another. This includes transferring records, relationships, and configurations, and is often critical for transitioning to a new Salesforce instance or integrating with existing systems.

There are several ways to move data between Salesforce orgs:

  • Data Loader: A free tool for importing and exporting data in CSV format. Suitable for smaller migrations or experienced users.
  • In-app Import/Export: Built-in functionality for specific objects like Leads and Accounts. Limited data volume and customization options.
  • AppExchange Packages: Many third-party tools offer advanced features like data mapping, transformation, and scheduling. Popular options include, Informatica Cloud Data Integration, and Xplenty.
  • Salesforce Managed Services: For complex migrations, consider engaging Salesforce or certified partners to ensure a smooth and secure process.

The complexity of migrating your legacy CRM to Salesforce depends on various factors:

  • Data volume and type: Larger datasets and custom fields require more preparation and transformation.
  • Data quality: Inconsistent or incomplete data needs cleansing before migration.
  • CRM system used: Migrating from a similar system might be easier than a completely different platform.
  • Integration requirements: Seamlessly connecting Salesforce with existing systems adds complexity.

Salesforce supports migration from various popular CRM systems, including:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • NetSuite CRM
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Many others through custom APIs or third-party tools