Salesforce Advisory Services
Ensuring Security, Compliance, and Resilience

Our advisory services specialize in Salesforce security, compliance, and resilience. We help businesses ensure their Salesforce environment is secure, compliant with regulations, and resilient to disruptions.

For security - We identify vulnerabilities, implement strong controls, and conduct regular assessments to protect your data and systems.

Regarding compliance, we navigate complex regulations, ensuring data protection and privacy measures are in place to meet industry requirements.

In terms of resilience, we assist in developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans, and enabling quick recovery during disruptions.

Our experts combine technical knowledge with Salesforce expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that safeguard your data and ensure uninterrupted Salesforce operations.

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Salesforce Security Advisory Services


Salesforce Security Evaluation and Maturity Tracking with Forcesquares

Forcesquares will conduct a thorough security audit of your Salesforce platform and infrastructure. This will result in a security maturity rating that allows you to monitor your advancements in Salesforce security practices over a certain period.


Empowering Security for Your Salesforce Environment

Our Salesforce Security Services equip your organization with robust security measures to protect your critical data. We offer security audits, risk assessments, and implementations of Salesforce Shield and Event Monitoring.


Ensuring Compliance Across Your Salesforce Landscape

Stay compliant with regulations and industry standards with our Salesforce Compliance Services. We provide compliance audits, Salesforce Health Check, advice on best practices, and more.


Boosting Resilience in Your Salesforce Ecosystem

Enhance your business continuity and resilience with our Salesforce Resilience Services. We help organizations prepare for and recover from disruptive events by offering disaster recovery planning, system resilience checks, and resilience training for teams.


Empower Your Salesforce Team with Forcesquares' Security Training

Is your Salesforce team looking to enhance their understanding of effective Salesforce Security protocols? Allow Forcesquares to provide essential security training to your team.


CRM Consultancy with Forcesquares

Our CRM consultants will work with you to understand your industry challenges and opportunities and organizational needs and accordingly suggest a customized maintanance plan.


Security/AI Readiness Assessment & Proof of Concept (PoC)

In this section, our key activities include scoping security requirements, understanding data management needs, and defining achievable objectives through the introduction of AI and GPT. We will also provide a detailed report outlining our recommendations, customize your customer organization as per need, and implement a Proof of Concept (PoC) to illustrate our findings.


Integration Advisory

In the realm of integration, we'll explore potential use cases in detail and conduct a comprehensive integration workshop. Post-workshop, we will offer expert recommendations on integration patterns and solutions best suited to your specific requirements. A Proof of Concept (PoC) will also be executed to substantiate our strategies.


Marketing Cloud

Our process here begins with a discussion around your current marketing strategy. Following this, we conduct an in-depth workshop to uncover your unique needs and identify potential areas of optimization. We will then provide recommendations based on our findings and run a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed improvements.