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Forcesquares Service Cloud Offerings

Our Service Cloud can offer quite a set of capabilities for your customer service. This set is more like a ready kit for your future customer service abilities and itis carefully arranged, adjusted, composed and sometimes even significantly modified to ensure most possible gain for your business. Forcesquares is ever ready to help you regardless of whatever the stage you’re in the Salesforce-related decision-making process.

Our main Service cloud services include:

Service Cloud Consulting

We examine your particular problem or requirement and try to find the most feasible and efficient ways of solving it.

You will need a consultation in cases like:

  • Unsure whether service cloud is the solution for your customer service plan Here, we will analyse your specific situation as well as identify and examine your challenges. It will help us match your needs against Service Cloud possibilities. We can propose an implementation plan regarding your specific circumstances and carry out the entire project. And if it can’t, we will propose other solutions that may suit your needs.
  • Your Service Cloud didn’t match up to your expectations The solution might have been misconfigured, or some needed features might have been ignored during setup. To find the reasons for your Service Cloud’s performance issues, we can inspect your solution, find the root cause of its performance problems and provide needed optimizations.

Service Cloud Implementation

By implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud, you can get the exceptional service of the CRM experts, thereby enabling you to gain more satisfied customers.

The service cloud is coming out as one of the leading customer support applications. It has ability to deliver instant, smart, and customer support which is among the major reasons for its increasing demand. It enhances the quality of internal as well as external service of the business by providing a deep understanding of the customers.

We have an exclusive team of salesforce experts which will help you increase your service quality, efficiency as well as customer loyalty by providing customised services of service cloud implementation. We help you increase your revenue as well as keep your cost under check of your business.


Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

There is a very high probability that you’d like to migrate to Service Cloud if you’re already using a customer service tool. All the data of your customer interactions need to be transferred from your legacy tool you had to the Service cloud or maybe you are using service cloud classic and you like to migrate to Service Cloud Lightning. In any case of migration type, our specialists will help you assess your needs, plan and carry out the migration.


Key Salesforce Service Cloud Features

In order to give you a better understanding of the extraordinary functionality of Service Cloud, here is a list of key features.

Case Management

The service cloud enclose everything from the generation, prioritization, and assignment to the escalation to reassignment and closure. It also allows you to set the parameters for every stage and will automate the assigned tasks. It initiates the required mechanism for the assessment of appropriate data.


This feature allows you to provide you customer support via several communication channels. Covering of all the channels like phone, email and live agent chats to social media channels like Facebook, twitter and more is possible. Service cloud lets you bring all the different channels and assign them to their right agents on the basis of pre-set conditions.

Knowledge Base

Service cloud proves to be very helpful for the agents because it helps in the making of a complete knowledge base. It also assists in solving the cases faster. It evaluates the practicality of each knowledge article making it more helpful for agents.

Service Console

Service console is a convenient tool to get insights about every case for the agent with ease. It represents the current state as well as the history of the cases. Also, customers and accounts data can be availed by agents thus making it easier to find the required knowledge in the case data.

Service Analytics

Service analytics is easily accessible to service managers and agents both. It is powered by salesforce Einstein. It offers helpful insights into the performance of the agents and the department. It presents the reports of varying complexity with service analytics. It also provides you with suggestions as to what an agent should do to increase their customer satisfaction.

Einstein Bots

Salesforce Einstein can power your chats which will save your agent’s time and will allow customers to ask minor questions like asking for an order status or flight details, etc. If the Chabot is unable to help with the given problem, then only it will be transferred to agents competent in the area of the customer’s problem.

Self-Service Communities

Service cloud allows the possibility to make self-service communities. Using them customers can find solutions on their own by accessing your knowledge base. You can also add a chat option for customers to be able to ask agents for any help with convenience making the community experience even friendlier.

Field Service

Service agents require cooperation with field workers at some instances. This is what Field Service allows doing. Service Cloud users can manage worker’s appointments, manage their schedules, track the material consumption, etc.

App Builder

By this feature you can order your own salesforce apps if you find something lacking in service cloud functionality

Process and Routine Automation

Automation of processes through the use of workflows, macros, email templates, approvals is very easy with service cloud. These types of automation save agents’ and managers’ time significantly.

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