Salesforce Dreampass

Gather together in-person safely with Salesforce’s support:-

bullet Together, the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook and Dreampass offer technology and best practices to help organizations deliver in-person events more effectively and safely.
bullet Any business can now develop more trustworthy event experiences thanks to Salesforce's evolution of Dreampass.
bullet Dreampass, which will be available in January, will allow enterprises to expand COVID-19 health status collection and verification, including maintaining evidence of vaccination and interfacing with COVID-19 testing suppliers such as CVS Health.
bullet Dreampass will also work with partners like CLEAR and The Commons Project to make the process of verifying one's digital health status easier.
bullet Organizations may use Dreampass to develop agile, automated communications that keep participants informed about event procedures and rules.
bullet Dreampass collects data from each participant, such as event registration, customer information, and COVID-19 health status, and creates a secure, multifactor credential for the event.

Verifiable health credentialing for employers, customers, and communities wherever they are:-

bullet Salesforce is expanding into verifiable credential management (VCM) with the recent acquisition of Credential Master, as options to share immunisation and testing status evolve. This allows partners to interface directly with Dreampass and the Salesforce platform.
bullet With a simple touch, employees and consumers will be able to communicate their COVID-19 health status or immunization credentials with companies via QR codes in digital wallets, and their health status will be securely stored and shared with Dreampass for future events.
bullet VCM is an open ecosystem that will allow other verifiable credential providers to integrate with Dreampass. The expansion into the VCM space will also allow Salesforce to build verifiable credentials into other offerings.