Up your sales game with Sales Cloud Einstein, where innovation meets impact, turning data into decisive actions for unparalleled success.

Businesses choosing Sales Cloud Einstein aid their sales teams with smart technology that uses AI and Machine Learning to predict what customers want, streamlines strategies and gives upper hand with sharp insights.

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What is Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein is Salesforce’s sales automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to help sales team sell better and faster. Leveraging the power of AI, Sales Cloud Einstein identifies patterns, analyzes customer data, and provides advanced features and predictive insights to users.

There are many features included in Sales Cloud Einstein, some of which are:

  • Lead prioritization
  • Automated activity capture
  • Accounts insights
  • Opportunity insights
  • Automated contacts

What services we offer at Forcesquares for Sales Cloud Einstein

We at forcesquares have a team of Salesforce experts who can optimize your use of Sales Cloud Einstein. By leveraging our expertise, you can enhance lead prioritization, automate tasks, and streamline decision-making, ensuring you get the most out of this powerful sales tool.

Our team of developers will assess your existing business needs and accordingly customize and configure Sales Cloud Einstein such that it integrates with existing system, manages data migration and optimizes workflows for enhanced sales and operational efficiency.

We will configure Salesforce Sales Cloud such that it aligns seamlessly with your unique sales processes. This involves personalized adjustments to fields, workflows, and automation, optimizing the platform for your business's success.

Our certified team of experts can integrate Sales Cloud Einstein into existing Salesforce dashboard, allowing your business to leverage more benefits of Salesforce.

Sales forecasting in Sales Cloud Einstein involves utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze historical sales data, customer interactions, and other relevant factors. Our team of experts can help you use this platform for predictive analysis and generate accurate and actionable insights.

Use activity capture feature and make more informed decisions. Our team of Salesforce certified professionals can help automate sales-related activity logging, eliminating manual data entry and gaining a centralized view of customer interactions for informed strategic decisions.

Benefits of Sales Cloud Einstein

Intelligence driven insights – Since Sales Cloud Einstein fetches data from multiple sources, and uses intelligent forecasting and data analytics, it helps make informed decisions based on real-time insights and predictions.

Enhanced productivity – Automated Activity Capture reduces manual data entry, allowing sales representatives to spend more time on actual selling activities, ultimately increasing productivity.

Proactive customer relationship management – Sales Cloud Einstein is capable of understanding user actions and preferences thus enabling sales teams to manage customer relationships more effectively eventually leading to more conversions.

Efficient Reporting – Delivers streamlined reporting, swiftly collecting data insights. You can rapidly evaluate the precision of sales and performance metrics, making it simpler to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

Adaptability and Scalability – Sales Cloud Einstein is designed to adapt to evolving business needs and scales with the growth of the organization, providing a flexible and scalable solution for sales operations.

Why choose Forcesquares for Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein

    With over 250 clients served world across, Forcesquares has the experience and expertise you would need for your customised solution. We are the company you must rely on because:

  • We are a team of 80+ Salesforce certified developers.
  • We have worked for over 100 projects.
  • Our solutions stand out from the rest as we follow Agile Scrum Methodology.
  • Our experts offer scalable business solutions.
  • We boast of 100% satisfaction rate.


Sales Cloud Einstein is Salesforce's intelligent sales platform that uses AI for predictive analyses and automated insights. Unlike the standard Salesforce CRM, it leverages artificial intelligence to enhance sales processes.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is AI powered; using its AI features, it optimizes lead management, automates routine tasks, offers predictive analyses for strategic decision-making thus elevating organisational productivity.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is suitable for organizations of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. The platform is designed to scale and adapt to the specific needs of different organizations.

Yes, Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access and use the platform on mobile devices. The mobile version of Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a responsive and intuitive interface, enabling sales professionals to manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions while on the go.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein offers key features such as AI-driven predictive analytics, automated lead and opportunity management, customizable dashboards, and mobile accessibility.